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What we Do

Helping you navigate the legal system and file your own documents.

Family Law | Brant Legal Document Preparation

Family Law

At Brant Legal Document Preparation, we have first-hand experience in dealing with family law. We can assist with uncontested or contested divorce, financial affidavits, motions, child support worksheets, settlement agreements, and legal name changes.

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Business | Brant Legal Document Preparation


Included with our services, we offer business document prep for professionals who are starting a new business or for existing businesses that need help with contracts or agreements.

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Civil | Brant Legal Document Preparation


Civil case services are for non-criminal proceedings. We include legal document prep for small or large claims.

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Estate Planning | Brant Legal Document Preparation

Estate Planning

Our legal document preparers are well-trained in helping you plan ahead. We can assist you with estate planning services such as trusts, your last will and testament, living will, advance healthcare directives, and power of attorney. 

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Immigration | Brant Legal Document Preparation


We offer assistance with document prep for temporary or permanent residence, naturalization resident alien cards, work permits and visits, as well as DACA.

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Notary Services | Brant Legal Document Preparation

Notary Services

Notary services are available and we will come to you. Once we file your forms, you’ll get a copy of all documents for your records.

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Bankruptcy | Brant Legal Document Preparation


Our services extend to include bankruptcy. We can help prepare the proper documents to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Document Search

We know that document searches can be time consuming and confusing. That’s why we offer document searches as part of our services.

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Health Care Forms

Healthcare forms can be especially confusing, especially if you are dealing with a time-sensitive issue. We can assist with filling out the correct forms and filing with the court.

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What’s the Difference?

Legal Document Preparer vs. Attorney

 | Legal Document Preparer | Brant Legal Document Preparation

Legal Document Preparer

Legal document preparers are independent businesses

Legal document preparers typically provide a more affordable alternative to the typically high cost of retaining a lawyer for basic legal matters. Legal document preparation companies help consumers represent themselves in legal matters by preparing the necessary legal documents to court standards.

Cannot provide legal advice

Legal document preparers are not attorneys. We do not provide legal advice or represent any party in a dispute.

Knowledge and experience

We specialize in assisting individuals who choose to represent themselves in Florida courts. We know what forms are needed to file pro se cases with the courts. We ensure that the correct forms are completed accurately.

Attorney vs Legal Document Preparer | Brant Legal Document Preparation


Licensed by the state bar

An attorney is licensed by the state bar. They are responsible for communicating with their client and conducting research for legal problems. They advise and represent the client in court.

Can provide legal advice

Attorneys have the ability to actually advise their client. Legal document preparers can only state legal information – they cannot give advice in the way a lawyer is able to.

Fees can vary and be costly

Attorney fees can vary on a per-case basis. Our clients generally come to us because the fees are much less than that of an attorney.

Brant Legal Document Preparation, LLC is not a law firm and we are not acting as your attorney.  Our service is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.  We cannot provide legal advice.  We may only provide self-help services at a consumer’s specific request.  We are not permitted to practice law.  We are prohibited from providing any explanation, opinion, or recommendation to a consumer regarding legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, form selection, or legal strategy.  No attorney-client relationship shall be created or formed as a result of the use of this site or our services.  Consumers are representing themselves in any legal matter.  We do not employ any attorneys and we are not supervised by an attorney.

Meet the owner

Sarah Brant

Legal Document Preparer

After working in the field of law enforcement, I earned a degree in Legal Studies. I learned that I am a talented legal document preparer. My career in hospitality has developed my desire to help others. In the past, I have assisted family with family law situations. These situations have enlightened me to the difficulty faced by pro se litigants in our court system. I am offering my knowledge and professionalism to individuals who need some help in navigating the legal system and filing their own documents with the appropriate court system.

Professional Assistance with a Personal Touch.

Minette C.

Minette C.

“Sarah is a competent and well organized person who has a talent for creating precise and accurate legal documents. She has done documents for me and I am pleased with the results. She can research documents and complete varied requests.  The results are always accurate. Give her a call should you need her talents and expertise.”

Bartlett’s Bed & Breakfast LLC

Bartlett’s Bed & Breakfast LLC

“Brant Legal provides a confidential and knowledgeable service preparing government or insurance documentation. The organization has the capacity to read, understand, and process documents and respond to changing situations navigating computer programs necessary to meet deadlines. Brant Legal is the appropriate choice for thorough and accurate documentation.”

Christina C.

Christina C.

“I’m truly thankful to Sarah for helping me understand and prepare the necessary documents for my child support case. My child’s father hired a lawyer who was absolutely no help and never answered my questions or calls so I had to look elsewhere for help. She was always available for questions and if she didn’t know the answer she was always transparent about looking into it and getting back with me. In the end it was a huge relief and a very helpful service.”

We help you untangle the web of legal documents and fees. Start saving time and money today!